​Augusta, Georgia Real Estate

​Located in eastern central Georgia, Augusta sits on the border with South Carolina. The city established in 1736 and was named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, wife of Frederick, Prince of Wales. According to the 2012 US Census, the population of Augusta is about 200,000. It is a temperate area with an average winter temperature of 45 degrees and an average summer temperature of 79 degrees.

It is often called 'The Garden City of the South' because of all of the large private gardens. Augusta is the home of three colleges: Augusta University, Paine College, and Augusta Technical College, and is best known for hosting The Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club every Spring.

Augusta, Georgia is a unique city, full of music, art galleries, shops, delicious food, and year-round events. It's a great place to raise a family!

The real estate is reasonably priced, and Augusta and its surrounding cities are steadily growing. Augusta is continually gaining new restaurants and stores, while still maintaining the sweet history in areas like Downtown Augusta. Another great fact about Augusta is that you are only a couple hours from all kinds of destinations. In one direction, you're headed to beautiful mountains, in another, the relaxing coast!


Home of The Masters Golf Tournament